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Welcome to Bio’s world.

At the heart of the idea for Bio's srl is a holistic view of man’s wellbeing and health, which includes healthy diet, natural approach to health, respect for other living beings and the environment.  
BIO’s is the brainchild of Terra e Sole, which boasts 25 years of experience in the world of organic food.
Bio’s Cafè was founded in 2002 as a bar-restaurant, aiming to offer its customers healthy and tasty food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, based on the use of certified organic products with a marked veg (vegetarian and vegan) connotation.
2006 saw the establishment of Area Bio, which deals with the production and distribution of vegan organic baked products and the marketing of organic products.
Following the local success of Bio’s Cafè, there was a growing need to open and directly manage an organic restaurant in a strategic area of Rimini.
Thus, on February 27, 2014 Bio’s Kitchen is established as a restaurant that uses only certified organic products in a very picturesque location a short way away from the center of Rimini and surrounded by greenery.
The format supports and spreads a vegetable-based natural integral diet, without, however, taking its dictates to extremes. The intended approach to customers is “pop”, as it integrates parts of the vegetable and vegan menu with meat and cheese dishes, albeit imitated, typical of the local cuisine in order to guide the customer through a conscious experience, by ”suggesting” and never “imposing”.
In September 2015, to complete the project, Bio’s Srl partners took over Area Bio, thus establishing Bio’s Produzione e Distribuzione Srl, which now manages a laboratory that produces sweet and savory baked products with Bio and Vegan certification, and a platform that distributes and markets both its references and those of other niche companies in the world of organic food, such as Life food, Destinaton, Galvanina, Sale di Cervia, Kotanyii, Pep Up life, Fish 4 ever.

On February 28th, a new Bio’s Kitchen restaurant will also open in Bologna in the central via Galliera, adding another important step in the Bio’s project.

Bio’s Consapevoli con gusto…. (Bio’s Tastefully aware)


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